Crazy Goat Vapes

Goats don't give up. They are fighters, and they will keep on going till the end. This resembles our passion for helping people quit smoking.

How did Crazy Goat Vapes start?
Crazy Goat Vapes started back in February 2018, where we were already supplying a dozen or so locals with e-juice for free to help them quit smoking, and a few of them banded together and convinced us to start up a business making, and selling our product. Then very quickly the word spread to the internet communities and numerous people wanted to show their love and support for the idea, so we created an online store. 

Why the name Crazy Goat Vapes?
We here at Crazy Goat Vapes are a Husband and Wife team. The Wife, Meta. She loves goats, Meta is the Crazy Goat Lady. When Eehan met Meta, and he wanted to marry her, he accepted that the goats came with the package. So, it seemed only fitting that it was to become Crazy Goat Vapes :)